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    BOM for Vogue (May) Magazine #5!

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    SSagaji Show EP01 (Eng Subs)

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    My cousins the best at snapchat and you can’t convince me otherwise

    Bruh ima use some of these.

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    Those who say the Black Widow’s fighting style is just movie bullshit can see the above. ^ Shit is terrifyingly real. 

    I think I’m in love.

    She’s so tiny.

    But she could kill me.


    ^ That

    I will reblog this flying head scissors every time it comes on my dash because it’s so fucking awesome.

    That majestic flip

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  8. so basically yunho entered the room being rly happy, ready to brighten the atmosphere up. he thought that the girl was probably just in pain because she was only a little girl, and that it's nothing
    this is basically what the gif is saying
    this is also basically what the gif is trying to tell you
    its awkward trying to describe a gif omg okay here he's like yeah realization
    this is when the doctor first touched her raw skin with the cotton pad soaked in alcohol and she winced (she also backed away instinctively in a slide afterwards and :c)
    he was legitly panicking alright
    here he's speechless because he can't do anything and he was rubbing her hand and all that
    oh my god
    merry fuckign christmas im balling

    "When she opened the bandages to disinfect her wounds, I was really taken aback. Before I saw her actual wounds, I thought ‘she’s probably just in moderate pain’, but the skin underneath the bandage looked as if it was melting from a burn.

    I didn’t know what to say (because of the language barrier) and it frustrated me to the point where I got angry because I was just helplessly watching her suffer in pain while doing nothing. It was painful enough for me just from watching her so I can’t imagine the tremendous amount of pain she was going through.. and to think that she didn’t drop a tear because she knew it’ll only hurt more if she did. It tore my heart apart.” 

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    TOP strolling around New York… doing that thing he always does with sunglasses (x)

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  14. And aren’t we entitled to choose just to… be happy?

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